Yisroel Porath


For the past 15 years Yisroel has been involved in a wide range of educational frameworks. A graduate of the Hesder yeshiva in Karnei Shomron where he combined advanced Torah learning with combat service in the IDF. Yisroel has a B.Ed in educational counseling and Rabbinical ordination from Ohr Torah Stone and Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg. He also received a teaching certificate from the Israel ministry of education. He and his wife Shoshana went on a three year shlichut to serve as the directors of the OU-Jewish Learning Initaitive on Campus at Rugers University managing the religious framework of hundreds of orthodox students on campus. He has served on the educational staff of Camp Moshava. Following his return to Israel he joined the elearning company Tomorrow’s Genius and served as it’s director of education and was an online teacher for numerous Jewish Day Schools in the US. He is currently the director of program development for Torah Live and provides PD seminars and online instruction for students around the globe via JETS Israel.