Shulamith Cohn


Shulamith is a veteran educator who served as the founding director of Midreshet AMIT in Jerusalem,as well as the Director of Israel and College guidance at Yeshiva University High School for girls. Prior to her aliya in 2005 Shulamith taught Tanach at YUHS for girls in Queens, and spent her summers teaching both staff and campers at Camp Morasha. As an instructor in Tanach, she authored curriculum for the ninth and twelfth grade chumash classes,as well as initiating a senior Beit Midrash option for the 12th grade students. Featuring a text based discussion oriented Bible course,Shulamith’s style of teaching encourages a lively give and take between students as well as featuring a dynamic process of learning with the teacher. Having worked in both formal and informal education Shulamith is very excited about ” going global ” and reaching out to the online community.