Israel Trip Upgrades

Everyone wants an UPGRADE when they travel to Israel.

JETS can help you UPGRADE your school’s or community’s trip Israel, to make it more meaningful and more memorable

What we offer?

Begin your Israel experience before you leave home, and continue to enjoy it after you have returned !

JETS associate Rabbi Alan Haber, a well-known educator and licensed tour guide, will work with you and your tour provider to integrate added value into your group’s trip by:

  • Expanding the Israel experience through pre-trip and follow-up distance learning sessions, curricular support and ed-tech enrichment.

In  addition, the JETS team can enhance your experience in Israel by:

  • Coordinating the trip’s itinerary to include elements that can be integrated with your group’s curriculum or community adult education program;
  • Building on and leveraging your participants’ prior knowledge; and
  • Providing engaging, challenging, and fun programs in Israel that maximize learning, foster the internalization of Jewish values, and create a positive group dynamic. (see sample programs)

Sample Programs

The following programs are presented as samples only – they can be modified and customized, and similar programs can be designed on other topics and/or at other sites in Israel, in order to you’re your group’s particular educational goals and to support your curriculum.

  • Jerusalem – The Eternal City
  • Cycles of History:  The Ongoing Struggle for Jerusalem

Israel Tour Upgrades

Jerusalem – The Eternal City

This unit, especially helpful for students who will be coming to Israel for the first time, is designed to build anticipation for and appreciation of the privilege of visiting Jerusalem.

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Begin your Israel Experience before you leave home!

The JETS UPGRADE is an economical way to get the most out of your group’s Israel experience! Contact JETS now to start planning your Israel program UPGRADE and earn frequent flyer points that provide discounts on other JETS programming.

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