Israel and the Middle East

Ancient Israel

Raiders of the Lost Menorah

Students trace the history of Jerusalem through the eyes of the Menorah (candelabrum), among the oldest symbols of Judaism. Its tale encompasses three millennia, beginning in the Temple in ancient Jerusalem and concluding at the Knesset in modern Jerusalem. The...

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Lifelong Learning for Seniors

In Israel, the Stones Speak. Join JETS Israel for an exciting one-hour introductory course into the latest and most exciting discoveries in the world of Israeli archaeology.

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Time Travel into Jerusalem Temple Era

This series takes students on a journey through time to experience what life was like for a child in ancient Israel. Sessions includes the use of video clips and power point presentations to take students on virtual visits to sites of historical interest. Suggested...

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Bridging the Past and the Present

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Students trace the odyssey between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel, through periods of vibrancy, destruction, exile, and rebirth. In recent times, the relationship has spawned a boom in technology that has earned Israel the nickname “Start-Up Nation”.

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Modern Israel

The Middle East

The Arab-Israeli Conflict Series

This series presents a balanced overview of the Israeli-Arab conflict including its historical background, various sides in the debate over land for peace proposals, and unique attempts at rapprochement. Suggested Audience: The course can be modified for middle...

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