What is Land of Israel Online Classes?

Land of Israel Online Classes is an Israel-based educational organization which offers distance and online courses to individuals, schools, organizations, and senior residences worldwide which focus on the history and culture of Judaism and the Jewish people, the Middle East, and ancient and modern Israel.

Why would I want to use LOI distance learning programs? What is the advantage over what I can do in my own institution?

There are three primary advantages to LOI programs: LOI uses 21st century technology and pedagogy to actively engage students and foster an atmosphere of collaborative learning. The fact that LOI programs originate from Jerusalem encourages students to authentically experience the spirit of Israel when studying about Israel, the Middle East, and/or Judaism. The fact that LOI is located in Israel provides access to the vast educational resources available in the Israeli Jewish educational infrastructure, including a pool of Israeli and former Diaspora Jewish educators who provide subject matter and pedagogic expertise that might not be available in your school.

How does JETS facilitate the programs?

LOI uses a wide range of user-friendly technologies which allow teachers and students to access LOI programs. Synchronous distance learning sessions are delivered via online learning and web-conferencing platforms or computer conferencing platforms. LOI also employs a variety of online tools and learning management systems to enhance the interactivity of the programs.

How will we know how to set up the technology on our end?

LOI employs tech support specialists who consult with clients to help them set up the technology from their end, and test the equipment prior to the first session to ensure the quality of the transmission. The tech support team is also available during transmission for trouble-shooting.

Who are LOI clients?

LOI offers courses that are appropriate for a variety of venues. The LOI client list includes public schools, private schools, and parochial schools, as well as adult study and senior learning sessions.

Do LOI courses relating to Israel reflect a particular political agenda?

LOI believes that educated people can make informed decisions about political issues on their own. LOI tries to present varied perspective on current events issues in Israel. For example, in the LOI Arab-Israeli conflict series, participants learn about the history of the region, and then hear the opinions of settlers, peace activists, residents that live near the Gaza border, and facilitators of co-existence programs.

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