middle eastThat’s the challenge that Rabbi Joel Cohn faces when he teaches about the history and political realities of the Middle East. Rabbi Cohn’s students seem to think that he is able to give a balanced picture. One of the participants of his “Middle East” course, from the Glenaire Retirement Community in Cary North Carolina, had this to say about the 5-part series:

What are your impressions?

He told us at the outset that if, at the conclusion of the series, we could determine what “side” he was on, then he had failed us as an instructor.  I believe he’s made good on that point, as he’s done an excellent job of explaining both the Palestinian and Israeli positions.”

What do you enjoy about the class?

“I like the way he’s presented the historical and political background, timeline of key events, etc.  Although I do wish the various video clips he’s used could have been closer to “full screen” size-wise.  (That may be a limitation of the computer he’s using, or of the clips themselves.)  I also appreciate the way he recaps periodically and solicits questions.  It seems, however, that most of the really good Q&A exchanges have occurred at the end of each session.”

“the series is well structured, and he’s an interesting presenter.  Two thumbs-up,t!

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