About us

Land of Israel Online Courses is part of the JETS Israel program of online Jewish and Land of Israel learning. Via Land of Israel Online Courses, schools churches, senior residences and organizations can access a wide range of online learning programs relating to Judaism and to the Land of Israel. In an open and non-judgmental atmosphere, participants discuss issues regarding the history of the Middle East, contemporary Israel, Jewish tradition and culture, and the holocaust. In addition, individuals can participate in Land of Israel crash courses on these topics. The Land Of Israel classes are accessible from anywhere in the world via interactive elearning and web-conferencing platforms. Many classes include additional participatory activities and follow-up materials – including online games, quizzes, project-based learning activities and more — using Learning Management System platforms. JETS user-friendly, up-to-date edtech tools and technologies combine with supportive didactic methodologies to give participants a highly interactive and enriching learning experiences.